Make email marketing one of your top revenue-generating strategies.

We use the most effective email marketing tools and strategies in the market to help both small and large companies succeed in the marketing efforts.

Optimized Email Marketing Solutions that converts and boosts growth.

Utilize our new, tried and tested email marketing strategies to increase traffic to your website and boost sales

Email marketing, like some of the best remarketing techniques, is effective for building relationships with customers and generating ongoing income. Chetan Sureja's approach to email marketing is systemic, personalized, and flexible. We will collaborate with you to create loyalty-based strategies that boost long-term conversions and quicken brand expansion. Our email marketing specialists continuously test, adapt, and optimize our strategy to achieve peak brand value and advance your company.

Reach prospects where they're already looking — their inbox

With our email marketing, you can nurture new leads while maintaining regular contact with your most qualified clients.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our five-step email marketing process ensures the success of your campaign.


Research your target market. What are their needs and wants? What do they care about?

  • What are you hoping to achieve with email marketing? Are you looking to increase website traffic, convert leads into customers, or grow your mailing list? Once we know your goals, our freelance email marketing specialists create specific email campaigns to help you reach your target audience. We also investigate your competitors, platforms, and tech stack, sketch out your customer journey, audit your current marketing initiatives, including a detailed study of your email service provider, and then plan a unique strategy tailored to your short- and long-term objectives.
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What are your goals for the email campaign? How will you reach your target market?

  • Going in blind isn't allowed with Chetan Sureja email marketing services. Once we have researched your target market, our email marketing consultants develop a strategy to reach them. This could involve targeting a specific industry, segmenting your list, or using a particular marketing tool. We work with your marketing team to map out your flows and content for each month and send it over. Our email marketing experts also create an email strategy and system specifically designed for your unique business and audience to accomplish your unique short- and long-term objectives.
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Choose the right email design template and format for your audience.

  • Email design is essential to making your email look professional. Our email marketing specialists make sure to use a template that suits your brand, style, and specific targets, and design your email to look simple and easy to read. This involves creating a layout and designing the fonts, colors, and images that will be used in your emails. We also make sure your mail content is enticing, informative and relevant to your target market. It's also important to make your email design visually appealing.
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Strategy and design will take you only so far – make sure your email content is optimized for engagement and opens.

  • Once your email content is ready, you need to optimize it for delivery. Our email marketing consultants make sure to use clear and concise language and to include images, videos, and other multimedia content to make your emails more engaging. This includes creating optimized subject lines, adding images, using effective call-to-actions, and more. Your business's growth accelerates at this point, and true lifetime customer value is unlocked.
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Stay informed and track your campaign's progress with weekly or monthly reports.

  • Once your email campaign is live, tracking the results is essential. We use analytics to measure how many people opened your email, clicked through to your website, and took any action (such as signing up for your mailing list or purchasing a product or service). This will help you determine which messages are working best and which are falling short. Our email marketing consultants also use this information to make future adjustments to your campaigns. You'll never be in the dark when you work with Chetan Sureja. We provide detailed, lucid reporting so you can see exactly how your email marketing budget is being used.
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