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Define your online presence with a memorable website that sells your brand. We specialize in developing and designing mobile-friendly user interfaces that are search engine optimized.

Comprehensive And Customized Website Design & Development Solutions For Your Business

Boost your online presence with the cutting-edge web development services we offer.

From start to finish and launch, we will make the web development process simple and enjoyable, and you will love the results. Websites are practical tools for business, and the our freelance web developers know how to use this power to build websites that are appealing, simple to use, speak to the target audience, and direct visitors to the desired result.

At Chetan Sureja, we develop your website from the ground up. Our freelance web developers create distinctive designs to set your online business apart from the competition. With our tried-and-true methodology, we'll take care of every aspect of designing and developing your website so that you get the best results as soon as possible. As part of our close collaboration with you, we'll also create a development timeline, so you'll know exactly when we'll reach important milestones.

Our Web Development Process

Our unique 5-step freelance web development strategy ensures that your business enjoys the utmost advantages of our services.


Once you hire us for your freelance web development, each website project begins with a kick-off meeting where we identify the major objectives for the website, specify the target market, and go over desired features and functionality. This step will combine the information you provided with our own market and keyword research.

  • Goal: What do you intend to achieve by creating this website? Amplify a service? Promote a product?
  • Target Audience: Who do you want the website to appeal to in terms of its target audience?
  • Content: What kind of information will your target audience look for on your website?
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Design Mockups

Once the client approves the site's blueprint, our freelance web developers begin making the visuals, such as pictures, movies, charts, and graphs. Your products or services, core brand values, industry, target market, and competitors are all considered when designing your website's layout. In this stage, a wireframe will be made to show the website's components and suggested content flow. You can watch the website's structure take shape from this point on after you hire a freelance web developer at Chetan Sureja.

  • Brand identity: what is your preferred website's look and feel?
  • Functionality: What unique tasks do you need your website to complete?
  • Architecture: what is the most effective persuasion architecture for conversions?
  • Iterative design: We work on your website in Photoshop until you're happy.
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Coding And Development

When necessary, we base our websites on an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that makes it very simple for you to update and maintain the website. We believe that after the site is launched, you shouldn't need to contact us again or pay us for maintenance or periodic updates, though we are always willing to assist you in any way you require.

  • WordPress theme: We create a unique theme using your PSD design.
  • HTML/CSS We create HTML and CSS code following current web standards.
  • Plugin development: Find all the plugins that will improve your website and, if necessary, install them.
  • Responsive design: we guarantee that your website will have the best cross-device functionality.
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Quality Assurance

Chetan Sureja will publish the fully functional website on a privately accessible server for beta testing once website production is finished. Here, our freelance web developer tests the website to ensure it works properly and looks great on all popular platforms and browsers, including desktop and mobile. To gauge the website's speed and how it responds to user interactions, we also run a performance test on it.

  • Functionality: confirming the functionality of all forms, scripts, links, and custom features
  • Web browser: Designed to be viewed in the most recent iterations of all web browsers.
  • SEO audit: Validating all custom-written code to ensure that it is operating as intended
  • Website speed: Ensure that page load times are within acceptable ranges.
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Launcing and Optimization

We will launch the website after extensive quality checks. We keep an eye on the website for a few days after it goes live to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Additionally, our freelance web developers keep an eye on its functionality and improve the website for the highest possible search engine rankings (SEO). Further, we'll assist you in optimizing the website for both customer acquisition and conversion.

  • Domain registration: we can register your domain names for your website
  • Website Hosting: We'll put your site up with one of several trustworthy web hosting services.
  • Site Transfer: We move your website from our testing server to the hosting company of your choice.
  • Final check: Verify the web transfer was successful.
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Services We Provide Under Website Design & Development

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Designing UI/UX

Clever designs supported by cognitive user behavior. We create homogeneous brands and user interfaces that reflect the quality of your products and services, boost conversion rates, and convert prospects into paying customers. Hire a freelance web developer to get the best in UI/UX.

Content Management System

We provide an effective content management system to make it simple and quick for your company to manage the content of your website. With this tool, managing the flow of website visitors and adding new content to your website are both simple tasks.

Ecommerce Development

Today, every brand relies heavily on its online store to attract customers and generate sales. And it has been demonstrated to be effective. Because of this, we offer our clients the development of fantastic online stores to scale their business.

Landing Pages

These pages have been created to promote goods or services. It is a very well-liked and successful strategy for contacting the ideal target market for your brand. With Chetan Sureja, your landing page will undoubtedly convert and bring in more money.

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